Thursday, August 16, 2007

[So Here We Are Again]

We now have [sharper black].
It's been a year and we now have [sharper black], but thats all.

"And Meph Still has to accept that many people Do Not know how his mind works."

Lets just call that line the apathy that consumes.
Woopah, mofo.
(ok, that is just a joke.)

Anyway, re-establish the lines we need to make the path complete. Fill the chairs, talk and listen.
If you don't like it, shoot yourself.

Yeah. Thats all we have to say.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

[So it has been a while again...]

Updating everywhere.
Old plans and new plans merge.
Mix and match- everythings been so fucked up.
It's been so long since I paid good attention to what I'm supposed to be doing.
"Oh woe, this blog has been so surely abused, in my absence."


Sort your fucken shit out.
'Cause I'm getting there.
And when this party starts-
And all hell breaks loose-
(which is funny, because people are considering with everything going on in the world as it is now- that the end is nigh-)
I'll be laughing my head off.
It'll be fucken great.
[Lets do this]

Wake the fuck up.

Wheres my general fucken electric- I need a guitar-still, I'm fuming over all of this.
All we've done is waste time.
Lets get over that and actually fucken do something of some sort of relevance.
And show the world we exist, on how many levels we can muster.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Band Name-

Band Name up for recalibration, as Meph has decided the previous -[The Bone Men] has too much of a homosexual vibe.

He can't just look at the name and think skeletons.

Thursday, December 29, 2005


Yep, it was that christmas thing, and if it wasn't merry enough for all, Friday the 13th is next month, so you can all go out and kill your neighbours pets.

It works!

Recording demos and shit in the next few months, sorting through all the crap to find all the good shit I wrote to work with. And choosing covers with Harry is a bitch because there are so many we want to do.

God damn.

In other news, Stoner is a Thijs.

Adeu Adeu.

[end transmission]

Thursday, July 21, 2005

I need a cigarette...

So, we've finally got the band up and running...sort of
And me being me didnt find the link to this site till just now...wouldve been kind of usefull a while ago
I dont have alot to say, just that im glad we have things sorted in terms of this whole band thing. Im off to fufill my need for nicotine!
Take care of yourselves
Much love ...........Nazareth............